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My decimal numbers use commas, not periods


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  • Sam

    Since your data is imported via Blendo, your comma-separated decimals will be stored as varchar.

    I can suggest two possible approaches:

    • Create a view above the desired tables. In the view definition, use replace (from comma to period) on the comma-separated columns and then cast the values into a numerical data type. A query above this view will allow you to use any aggregation function, such as sum, max, or min.

    • Use above approach at the query level. For example:

         SUM(CAST(replace(<column_name>,',','.') AS DOUBLE PRECISION))

    In, the approach would be to use “SQL Mode” (when you click on “Edit Chart Data”), and then you can use SQL with replace and cast functions.

    Let us know if you need assistance in defining your query.


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