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How can I exclude sub-tables from a data source?



  • Sam

    The easiest way to exclude sub-tables from a data source is the Exclude option under data source advanced options. Here you can specify a list of attributes to exclude from the collection process.

    For example, in order to exclude the intercome_users_avatar and intercome_users_tags tables you will have to specify nested levels. Note that under users there are several nested levels. All levels can be fetch easily using below query:

      tablename ILIKE 'intercom_users%'
    ORDER by tablename;

    If tags or avatar values were string, number, or boolean and not object or array, the field would be excluded from the intercome_users table. Exclude can be used on fields as well as sub-tables.

    You could use tags or avatar in the exclude list, which would apply to all tags and avatar fields in your source. This means, for example, that intercom_leads_tags and intercom_leads_avatar would be excluded as well.

  • mmorganfield

    So, for that example, the exclusion syntax would look like this?
    users.tags or users.avatar , and if it was a field within the intercom_users_tags subtable it would be: users.tags.column ?

  • Alon Brody

    The exclusion is indeed dot notation exclusion. But you shouldn’t state the top level table name in the exclude.
    In your example intercom_users_tags is a sub table of the intercom_users table. So if you want to exclude the entire intercom_users_tags subtable you should enter the word tags in the exclude list of the data source and in order to exclude a specific column within the intercom_users_tags table you should enter it like that: tags.column.

    Note that exclusion works on a data source level so if you’ve excluded tags and it exists in multiple different top level tables (for the sake of the example it exists also in intercom_conversations) then it will be excluded from all of them


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