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Investigating past data collection jobs


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  • Alon Brody

    I’ll split your message into 3 questions:

    1. How can I find out what data was collected by each job? - Sadly this information is not visible directly in the Jobs screen but the combination of the source type and title from the Jobs screen and the destination from the data source. Each table that our ingestion process ingests data into will have a __updatetime field that indicates when each and every row was updated (in UTC) - If you want a specific list for each source our support team will be able to help out.
    2. And why some jobs failed? - Each job should have an error message attached to it if you’ll open it in the Jobs screen. If the error message is not clear feel free to contact our support via chat or email.
    3. What is an Export data collection type? The Export job is a job that was triggered through our Workbench screen. It allows you to download the results of a specific query as a CSV file

    Please feel free to reply directly here or contact our support team for further help


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