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Does anyone have a Metabase deployment in production?



  • patrick1

    Hi Abeltz, I am trialing it internal production, it’s been a tough road, welcome connecting.

    Right now a lot of issues. Updates in panoply are not showing up in metabase. that includes

    • new views
    • new tables
    • new fields in existing tables

    This problem is for both materialized and non materialized tables.

    The data is there, because i can access it via sql queries within metabase, but not via the normal filtering features.

    Also had a full day outage, on the panoply side last week, so far this is still unexplained by Panoply

    Also - the redshift driver for panoply in metabase stopped working, not sure if this is related

    Bottom line a full week no resolution from panoply, except a suggestion that it may be a metabase problem. I do believe panoply are working on it, but the fact remains we are still down. Not encouraging, we were considering a broader production rollout, however we need an end to end solution that works and is reliable, we don’t have that now.

  • Jason Harris

    Thanks for the post @patrick1!
    I see an open ticket on our side and that we’re actively reseaching the issue towards resolution. Please give our team a bit of time to resolve so we can get you back on track.

  • Alon Brody

    Hi @patrick1 🙂

    I already updated you in private, I would also like to update this thread.

    The Metabase issue was investigated by our dev team and a fix was deployed a few hours ago.
    The issue was the difference in interpretation of the TLS spec between different programming languages.



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