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Google sheets with multiple sheets


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  • Alon Brody

    The answer depends on what you mean by multiple sheets. I’ll explain the data ingestion function for Google Sheets, which should answer your first question.

    By default, Panoply creates a database table for each Google Sheets file that serves as a data source. But one Google Sheets file (spreadsheet; Excel calls this a workbook) can have multiple sheets (or tabs; Excel calls this a spreadsheet). If one Google Sheets spreadsheet file has multiple sheets/tabs, the default behavior is to include all of these tabs in one database table in Panoply. The default behavior can be modified. For more on this, see our Google Sheets data source documentation.

    Regarding the error message… During the data ingestion of any given sheet, row 1 becomes the database columns, and each subsequent row becomes a record in the database table. Basically, this means your data must be tabular.

    The error message means some row is longer (has more columns) than the rest of the rows. This is a problem because some of your data isn’t “under” a header, and therefore can’t be assigned to a column in the database table.

    For example, if have content in cell in E5 but no header in E1, then Panoply can’t tell where to put that data because it doesn’t map to a column in the related database table. Panoply throws the error message instead of permitting data loss.


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