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I don't want all of the tables from my data source


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  • Alon Brody

    In order to stop the jira_issues_labels table and its data from being re-created and re-uploaded you need to:

    1. Drop the table.
    2. Add labels to exclude the table at the data source level. (See: How can I exclude sub-tables from a data source?)

    Now the jira_issues_labels table won’t be re-imported.

    If you want labels data to be populated on the jira_issues table, we’d be glad to set it up for you. This approach is called flattening.

    There are three options when dealing with nested data:

    • One to many (default)
    • Flatten on parent table
    • Skip

    Flattening certain fields is configured on the tables themselves, and occurs after the initial collection. If you want to set it up yourself, go to the Tables screen and click on the relevant table to see its columns and make the desired changes, including flattening:

    1. To be able to change nested level functionality, you first have to add the relevant column on the parent table. In your case: ALTER TABLE jira_issues ADD COLUMN labels varchar(256);.
    2. Go to the column and choose the required option between the three possibilities noted above. Be aware that the changes won’t affect the tables retroactively. Only data collections after the change will use the new configuration.

    Please let us know if something is not clear or if you have questions.


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