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Does Panoply help you normalize and aggregate your data better?


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  • Alon Brody

    Hi Wilder,

    Panoply uses a relational structure but can ingest also semi structured data. Within the semi structured data all the nested data will be either flattened into the parent table or will create a stand-alone sub table that will have a foreign key connection with the parent table. Currently the default setting is to create sub table out of nested arrays and objects but it is completely up to the user if he wants to flatten the data instead.
    Just note that arrays cannot be flattened because of their one-to-many nature.

    All of that will happen automatically when you stream data using one of Panoply’s pre integrated data sources. We believe that the user should have as much data as needed and suggest to aggregate it on the query/view level so the flexibility that he will have with his data will be maximized. Obviously we have solutions on our end to have the best performance available with this flexibility.


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